About the Series

What will our society look like 5, 25, even 50 years from today? For four epic seasons, FUTURESTATES has taken us on a journey to explore possible futures through the prism of today's global realities. Written and directed by veteran and emerging indie filmmakers, and developed and produced by Independent Television Service (ITVS) with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, this groundbreaking series of science fiction shorts invites the public to envision the future. Will you let it happen, or will you make it happen?

Now, FUTURESTATES is transporting us to an unprecedented narrative experience — an immersive and interactive storyworld of interconnected stories by a diverse group of indie filmmakers and interactive digital storytellers.

And it all begins with you.

Someone from the future is trying to contact you. Here on this site. Right now. You may not know who she is, or what she wants, but she's left you some clues. Read these articles, watch these videos, and stay tuned. Because on May 14, 2014, the future is coming to you.

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Karim Ahmad

Series Production Manager
Maria León

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Michael Kinomoto

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Karolyn Wong

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Craig Phillips

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Sarah Detera

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Lance Weiler

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Lisa Tawil

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Pamm Higgins

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Jim Sommers

Executive Vice President
Judy Tam

Executive Producer
Sally Jo Fifer

Storyworld Design and Development

Tanuj Chopra
Nisha Ganatra
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Trevin Matcek
Greg Pak
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Alexander Porter